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Parkers Explain Auction Types

At Parkers we use a variety of auction styles. Depending on factors such as the time of the year and the season we will run different auction types. With eBay and Amazon we should have year round auctions especially now we have such great partners. Seasonal auction goods will dictate the product types and so of course rattan from Springtime for example.

sold at auction

The days of sitting in an auction house in uniform rows or standing in the middle of lots are over. Once this was the only way to participate in an auction but it meant small audiences and the only extra visibility was through phone bidding via a catalogue or an email bid.Things now are different, now your audience can be hundreds of thousands of potential bidders with visibility across the UK. Auctions can be delivered on any day and people can bid even when on holiday.Bidding is even more exciting and competition can get quite intense as the clock ticks. 

The modern auction is online and the lots end in two ways, one is a sudden death ‘Times Up’ end and the other is the ‘Popcorn’ end where each last minute bid extends the auction by a few minutes. The largest ‘Times Up’ platform is the well known eBay auction platform which is hugely popular and has been around longer than most online auctions. Our other auction platforms are ‘Popcorn’ finish auction types with i-bidder and Bidspotter two of the largest.

With an array of tools the new online auction platforms offer many things that a traditional auction can’t, whilst some would argue that a traditional auction is also a social event the main aim of an auction is to buy and sell.



ibidder auctions


 i-bidder is an auction site that feeds off the world leading GAP platform. i-bidder boasts huge audiences and has many auctions ever day. You can register and bid wherever you are in the world, all you need is an internet connection. Stringent checks are applied to auctioneers to ensure they are of the highest reputation.  The software has a great array of bidding tools for buyers.

 bidspotter auctions


Bidspotter is another auction platform that uses the GAP auction software. There are stringent checks and verification processes that ensure auctioneers are professional and with good reputation. With Bidspotter buyers can easily register and view the lots from any auction. There are watch lists and saved bid lists plus favourite seller options and tools to use.



Almost evryone has used ebay at some point, for us it is an important tool and allows quick exposure to millions of buyers. Parkers are ‘Powersellers’ on ebay and this means we are high performing and of the highest reputation. Powerseller status gives us extra visibilty on ebay and we know what sells well and how to ensure our lots are featured well.

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