Amazing Coconut Oil Facts

The Benefits Of Coconut Oil

For some time now the nutritionists and skincare experts have been raving about pure coconut oil. As with many dietary fads this hype was expected to fall away and be replaced with the next one. However this is not the case, not close and never will be. 

Refreshingly the hype about this natural oil is true and backed up by scientists too.

Quite simply coconut oil is not only one of the most versatile food on the planet it is also one of the healthiest foods too. Its versatility comes from its many uses as everyday people are using coconut oil as part of their daily nutrition routine.

People love to include it with coffee for example or as a cooking oil for a huge range of dishes including stir fry meals. Whilst many people use coconut oil because it tastes delicious it is also a very healthy food.
Across the world studies have linked the use of coconut oil to the alleviation of health problems. These studies have shown enormous improvements to sufferers of illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, arthritis and even gum disease.

The many beneficial properties are headlined by its composition of Medium Chain Fatty Acids. Over 60% of its natural oil comprises of MCFA’s. The second amazing factor is that over 91% of the natural fat in coconut oil is healthy saturated fat.

The Modern Diet
In most modern societies the intake of healthy fatty acids is disproportionate to unhealthy fats. It is this imbalance that compounds the health problems caused by consuming far too much unhealthy food and drink.
When you consume too much unhealthy fat your body stores it and starts to produce LDL Cholesterol which is bad news. This is where coconut oil excels as it has the right balance of medium chain fatty acids whilst still providing a source for some saturated fat that the body needs.

The body metabolises medium chain fatty acids incredibly efficiently. This means it tends not to be stored and is used during your daily routines as energy. This is fantastic because there are so many ways you can replace existing unhealthy food ingredients and processes with coconut oil.

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Skin Benefits

If the healthy eating benefits do not convince you about coconut oil being the number one natural product then read on. Not only is it good on the inside it is also good on the outside. It is listed in the top 4 natural skin products too, yes that really emphasises just how good this oil is. 

Coconut oil hits an impressive performance with its anti microbial and anti fungal properties so its on the skincare leaderboard too. It is well known that reducing bacteria on the skin can and will help it blossom and reduce problems. The production of Sebum Oil is important for skin condition and again this amazing natural product stimulates this production.

The one thing that probably stops it hitting top skincare spot is it scores 4 on the Comedogenic scale so it can block skin pores.

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