Cellular Repair Therapy

Cellular Repair Therapy

Every living person on the planet suffers cell damage from the day they are born to the day they die. Cell damage is a part of life with a wide range of catalysts that can accelerate or cause damage. An injury or illness will cause cell damage but simply getting older means cell damage will occur.

Cellular Repair Technology is known as CRT and is a recognized way to combat cell damage and assist the body to repair it too. There are a number of reasons to use CRT but for those who are not fully aware of how it works here is an overview.

CRT is a natural process, no chemicals are used and the technology is easy to understand. The concept is to use Cellular Technology to stimulate the body’s natural repair system. Whilst CRT will not prevent cell damage it will assist in the repair of cells that have been damaged.

The body is then stimulated into creating its own oxidative response mechanisms and this in turn initiates the repair of cells. This regenerative process is triggered right through the body with cells responding positively wherever they are in tissue.

Reasons to use CRT

  • To aid speed up recovery from injury – It could be a sports injury or an accident injury
  • Increase the performance and recovery potential of athletes and sports people
  • Chronic pain management
  • Anti-ageing with skin and muscle renewal

What many people do not know about this natural process is that despite the high technology ethos of CRT it is very affordable. It is also a painless and enjoyable treatment and healing sessions are often set to as little as 20 minutes at a time.

cellular repair therapy

Natural wellness treatment is used by the world top athletes and sportsmen with a proven history of success and CRT is at the forefront of this treatment. Altitude training has long been a part of performance preparation for boxers and world tournament preparation.

With CRT this type of treatment and preparation is delivered through Intermittent Hypoxic Therapy or Dynamic Hypobaric Adaptive Therapy which is administered without face masks. This type of therapy was once only available to those with significant financial resource and the ability to visit specialist centers in places like Colorado.

The advancement of technology means everybody can now experience the benefits of CRT.


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