Commercial Clearance

Commercial Clearance Services

At Parkers we regularly ‘spot buy’ complete commercial clearance lots, valuing, paying and clearing the goods for sale. This is a swift process and we are more than happy to visit premises confidentially to discuss the needs of the client. Commercial clearance takes many forms but usually includes barns, small retail units, small farm industrial units, Bstock, bankrupt goods and ‘Gone Away’ tenants.

 Industrial Clearance Essex & Suffolk

Typically we have cleared large barns and small industrial buildings as well as commercial units across Essex and Suffolk. These are often small commercial lets that have been terminated or abandoned. In these instances our aim is to remove what is often a problem for the owner of the building. This is done discreetly and swiftly, without fuss, we will attend the premises and value the items that need clearing if a sale price is agreed then we will make the purchase quickly.

We Are Not Debt Collectors

We do not remove goods from bad debtors and are not bailiffs nor do we attend peoples houses and remove contents against their will – This is NOT our business model – we are simply auctioneers of unwanted products and goods which are sold through the very latest technology.
We are also NOT rubbish removals or scrap metal merchants, we are looking for interesting items, building materials, reclaim materials, industrial machinery, vehicles and farm machinery etc.

Do you have something to clear?

For Commercial Units, these are often left full of machinery, tools, cars, electrical items and general stock which in our modern world can be a real problem to the building owners.

​In these situations we can either sell the goods on behalf of the building owner or purchase outright for auction and disposal. 

We have successfully sold hundreds of pallets of all types of goods via our online auction network. Much of this is cleared from farms and barns and also from time to time houses or garages.

Whilst operating predominantly through Essex and Suffolk we are also known to travel further for the right clearance.

Parkers have been selling through online auctions for many years, we know what we sell best and are interested in a wide range of goods.

Contact us today for a friendly discussion about your needs.

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