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Want Free Dental Care?

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We live in a fast paced modern world where there seems to be so little spare time each day and with so much to be done in a hurry. If you think about how life has changed now you would be forgiven for thinking that in a modern world there are fewer health hazards, less ailments and better treatment for illnesses.

However if you look at certain aspects of health it is actually on the decline, Bubonic Plague has resurfaced and is claiming lives in the US, in the 18th century Tuberculosis killed one in seven people living in the US but was predicted to be eradicated by 2025 and yet 10,000 people were diagnosed with TB in the US in 2015.

Of course these are headline stories but what about other aspects of health, take your teeth and oral care for example, you would think modern dental hygiene is so much better than the 20th century that dental health would be at an all-time high? Not so, with the onslaught of sugar, the introduction of corn syrup to most processed food and the hectic lifestyle it means your teeth are under siege.

This is not immediately obvious as modern dental practices are able to counteract the actual loss of teeth so these numbers look in decline but decay is a huge growing problem.

Reasons To Visit Your Dentist And Be Pro-Active With Oral Care
There are many reasons why people do not adopt the practice of regular visits to the dentist, time and financial resource can be a factor as can dentist phobia. But if you look at the problem at a macro level it becomes apparent that avoiding the dentist for any of these reasons is a false economy both financially, health wise as well as the actual aversion to visiting the dentist.

Financially: It is a true false economy, regular visits will mean your teeth and gums stay in a much better condition, early problems are nipped in the bud. So many people neglect this ‘frequent visit’ culture and then find the years have passed quickly, they ignore tooth ache until it drives them to emergency visits and then its root canal work or worse. This is hugely expensive and can run into thousands of dollars rather than the low maintenance cost that comes with frequent visits.

Dentist Phobia: Is real, in fact only the hardiest people will go to the dentist without any nervous tension and for many people it is a very anxious experience. The modern dentist has a range of techniques to lessen the discomfort and of course the whole approach by dental staff very much embraces the concept that dentist phobia is a serious issue. The reality though is that the more serious the dental issue the more uncomfortable the experience. This means that a simple but regular 20 minute appointment will significantly reduce the much more stressful appointments where root canal work or large cavity fillings are needed.  

Personal appearance: Is one of the most important parts of self-esteem, this is evident now with the huge growth in social media and the posting of pictures. The modern society means white teeth are often for the rich whilst those who have less financial resource may have to be self-conscious about showing their teeth in smiles. Fizzy drinks, lots of alfresco tea and coffee and of course less frequent cleaning of teeth can mean they take on a yellow appearance. The dentist has a range of techniques to clean your teeth up and this helps both with the cosmetic look and of course the hygiene.

Degenerating Health: Dental health is linked to serious health issues including cardio vascular problems and yet people are going to the dentist less and the condition of teeth is in decline. If you live with serious tooth decay for years then it has the prospect to get really serious. Gum disease has been associated with allowing bacteria into the blood stream, studies have shown prevailing inflammation of gum tissue is a common factor with cardio vascular illness. More commonly the continued presence of abscesses can cause erosion of bone structure which can lead to additional complications. Your dentist can help prevent these problems from developing and can catch them before they develop to the next level.

Mouth Cancer and other oral cancers are very treatable when spotted early, the dentist is a specialist and can spot the early signs of mouth and gum cancer. Whilst this is frightening to think about the alternative just doesn’t bear thinking about as these types of cancer are very disfiguring at their very best.

Regular oral care with brushing is advocated at every step of our lives but the modern world often means people brush only at one end of the day or the other. The removal of fragments of food and the after effects of drinks will make a big difference. As time is often important then a good electric toothbrush will make a much faster and better job than a quick up and down with a standard toothbrush.

 Avoiding fizzy drinks, sugar from sweets and acidic foods is not easy but all are contributors to tooth decay, but what is often overlooked is the amount of sugar in food. Processed food has a very high sugar content and the use of corn syrup (fructose) increases sugar levels in food dramatically. Avoiding processed food is a very good thing and of course it is not just your teeth that will benefit.

free dental care

Pain goes hand in hand with tooth decay, people put up with pain from cavities and decay for months and it has a detrimental effect on life on a day to day basis. The reality is that it may go away for a while but it always comes back and the certainty is that at some point a rapid escalation will make life a misery. It will affect life at home, at work and even relationships. Regular visits to the dentist will reduce the chance of tooth decay and in turn the opportunity for it to reduce the quality of life.

It is amazing how the fast pace of modern life affects the general well-being of people, the sheer misery of toothache is surpassed only by the cost of emergency treatment. In an age where people think nothing about spending money on servicing cars to avoid breakdowns or hundreds of dollars upgrading phones it does not make sense to neglect your dental care. Nobody wants to be self-conscious about smiling, serious oral issues are hard to fix and financially it does not make sense.

Free dental care is a dream everybody has but you can get pretty close by following the guidelines and avoiding expensive treatment.

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