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Parkers have been selling at auction for many years. We started out selling on Amazon, initially it was merchandise and Formula 1 clothing. After a few years we found that we were good in fact very good with our Amazon shop performing as a leading seller.

In 2008 we opened up our first eBay shop, our products were based around motorsports and associated businesses. We soon learnt how to get our products highly profiled with a rapid rise to being an eBay Powerseller resulting from our performance.

F1 Merchandise

In 2010 Parkers branched out into other markets with sports nutrition rapidly growing as a sector. GPS tracking was next and we had incredible success with bespoke tracking solutions using miniature GPS trackers sold on our platforms.  Our auction activity was rapidly increasing whilst we explored new areas to target and new markets to move into.

GPS Tracking

We moved into B-stock in 2012 with spot purchasing of small quantities of goods, this could be anything from clothes to furniture. After a few months Parkers started to gain access to ‘closed’ auctions where lots were measured in multiple pallets.

In 2014 Parkers started purchasing at auction 18 pallets at a time. This was a mixture of ‘Overstock’ which is where a product deal runs out and the remaining unsold stock is sold of in bulk. This is done because once a deal is finished a new deal will be released, retailers cannot clog up their warehousing with products that are not for sale.

In addition to overstock Parkers purchase in B-stock, this is stock that has not been deemed appropriate for retail premise sales. There are many reasons for this and the most common is either bad or damaged packaging or minor marks and damage. Typically damage is related to scratches or small dents – especially in white goods.

Parkers now buy this in by the truckload and handle up to 3 trucks a month. The lots are a combination of products and will often have anything from watches and tech goods such as televisions to sheds and appliances. We also purchase large lots of sofas and furniture which is usually modern contemporary furniture. 

Here you can see one of our auction deliveries with a wide range of goods.


Parkers Add New Auction Partners

In 2016 Parkers gained such a high regard in the action marketplace that our partners started asking us to list some of their products too. This is great for us as we can always show a large number of fantastic products to our online visitors. As we are so popular online it makes perfect sense for us to profile a large number of additional auctions and fixed price sales.

One advantage is that it allows us to have consistent volumes of the most popular goods that people are interested in. Our own stock can the easily sit in each category and there is always a huge collection.

Bookmark Parkers and return regularly to see what we have on show. Remember that with our partners stock it means we will always have lots of great stuff fore sale. 

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