Positive Mental Attitude

5 Positive Thinking Hacks

Have you ever thought ‘I knew that would happen’ when something negative impacts your life?
If the answer is yes then you could be generating your very own self-fulfilling prophecies. The implementation of positive thinking hacks on your mental outlook can make all the difference.

It’s true, but it is also in your control to change this pattern. In fact it is proven that negative thinking affects the outcome of positive opportunities in life. This is a vicious circle as each likewise event triggers another in a spiral.

These positive thinking hacks will show you why you can influence positive opportunities to get a positive outcome.

  1. Understand how negative a mental attitude affects your daily life. Spend some time contemplating the previous days and weeks. You should be able to create a list of outcomes that were the linked to negative thinking. You may even recall talking to yourself or making a remark to a family member.  Here is a great example – You are about to go onto the field as an underdog in a sports game, football, hockey basketball. You feel an underdog and mentally you are thinking we are going to get stuffed. You then fulfil this mental prophecy by playing under par, playing with a negative attitude. No determination and less commitment.Guess what – you lose the game. If you were surrounded by other negative thinkers it is guaranteed to lose.
  2. This brings us on to hack two. Surround yourself with positive thinking people. If possible raise your positivity to influence others. Avoid agreeing with negative people. The teammates who are all thinking they will get hammered – will get hammered. Maybe half of them are on the fence but are dragged down by the more vocal negative members. Step in and talk it up, history is littered with world changing battles where a leader stood up and gave a positive uplifting speech. The battle is won due to superior morale. Due to collective positive thinking and belief. Those who still thought they would lose were probably left behind on the field. 
  3. Stress can greatly influence negative thinking. This is where self-help can really make a difference. One of the most important factors in reducing stress is exercise. It can be exercise at the level you are comfortable with but strive to improve. Get a good night’s sleep on a regular basis. This is important for Growth Hormone levels. In your deep sleep your human growth hormones are produced at the peak secretion rates. GH affects the way fat is stored, condition of skin and regeneration of cells.All this assists in feeling better about your general wellbeing and assists self-esteem. The higher your self-esteem the more positive you will be. Let’s say you are sitting in an important sales pitch and you feel sharp. You look confident so your performance will peak as will the likelihood of beating a competitor to the contract.
  4. Train yourself to change negative thoughts and words with positive ones. It will take time but stick with it. Make some list of negative statements you make. Think back over the previous weeks. There will be lots of moments that come to mind where your outlook was negative. Train yourself to make changes to the way you talk but keep it realistic.

    So if you commonly think – ‘I am rubbish with money and always overdrawn at the end of the month’. Change that thought or statement to – ‘Sometimes I spend too much money but I am taking steps to change that’. Avoid some common negative words – can’t, never, won’t, don’t, these all negate the statements they are contained in.

    For example: – I am so tired I can’t get up – won’t get up, never get up.
    What about ‘I am so tired but will be up before 9am’. 
  5. Think about everything that is good in your life. This will be different to different people depending on circumstances. But start with good health, this is the most important state to be in. If you are healthy then list it. Think about your family, your job and your home every aspect of your life. This positive list will often outweigh the negative list. Even if you have financial issues or a bad relationship the positives should be the fulcrum to a positive mental attitude.

Whatever the negatives in life you will often find that time eventually moves them down life’s conveyor belt. This means that positive things will come your way as time passes. The positive thinking will get you to that point.



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