Prom Dress Guide

Avoiding Prom Dress Meltdown

Be A Prom Dress Success In 2017

As a Mother if you are a seasoned prom dress hunter you will appreciate the stress and anxiety that can accompany the quest for the perfect dress. Even as a veteran you will have some trepidation about the upcoming task. However the Mum that is on her first event run up may well be unaware of just what a serious challenge this can be.

This is partly because there is unprecedented pressure on teens to get it right. Anyone who has a daughter will be aware of the pressure that is social media. The posting of carefully posed selfies is now indoctrinated into teen society.

The pressure comes from the fallout of getting it wrong. A bad selfie can cause a lot of problems including bullying and stigma.

This means that as a Mother you will feel a responsibility if it goes wrong.

So getting it right is the positive way to go and there are some pitfalls to avoid. The goal is to find a prom dress shop that has stunning prom dresses in 2017. Remember last year’s styles will not be this year’s so 2017 is your year of focus.

Here are some hot prom dress shopping tips –

  • Tradition is to pick a day and the walk round the shops until your feet are numb. Instead do research early and do it online. You cover so much more ground and you do it in comfort.
  • DO NOT leave your dress browsing too late because you will find the perfect dress but inevitably not in the size needed.
  • Another reason to move early is that you MUST have the dress delivered in good time just in case there is a mistake or a flaw. This gives time to change or amend the dress (if you have the skills).
  • Do not buy a cheap dress from China, Hong Kong or Singapore there are too many issues with design and misrepresentation.
  • Make sure that you look at the dress selections at sensible times rather than late at night when you or your daughter are tired.
  • Make the process serious with a light hearted feel, your daughter will want to know you understand how important it is to get the right dress.
  • Set a budget – it is not always easy to stick to it so mentally set a percentage of upwards price movement and keep it to yourself. This can give you ‘Top Mom’ status when you give a concession you already reconciled in your mind.
  • Narrow the initial search down by color first, agree the color and you will be able to focus more clinically on style.
  • Bear in mind that it is entirely possible your daughter knows more about current style than you do. It is something she will have discussed with friends and may have some direction that you need to use in the searching.
  • Remember two rules – Rule one short prom dresses should be vibrant colors as this deliver a double impact. Consider lime green, bright orange, shocking pink etc. Rule two is that long dresses are elegant and these will be deeper colors. An elegant dress should not be festooned with frills and detail.
  • Remember you may need to consider accessories, jewelry in the form of necklaces, earrings etc.

Contingency plan
You need to find an established online prom dress shop with a good reputation so great place to start your hunt is doing a search on Google for Prom Dresses.

There is always the possibility that your daughter may want to hit the mall to look at dresses. This is where you can be clever if you want to steer her online. Use the traditional shopping approach for accessories, shoes, jewelry etc. This means you can still have a day to remember and one to enjoy without the same pressure. 


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